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Renegade Lawman and The Lone Rifle: Two Full-Length Western Novels

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Revenge sure is sweet in this classic western double by Gordon D. Shirreffs.

In Renegade Lawman, Rowan Emmette is Wanted—dead or alive—by both sides of the law. An ex-marshal of Silver Rock, Emmett had spent ten years in prison on a false charge. Now he'd come back to kill the men who'd put him there.

In The Lone Rifle, Jonas Carlisle was determined to get his cattle to Montana, even if he had to push straight through hostile Indian country to get there. Jonas was a man who thrived on risk— why else would he take his beautiful wife and the hide of a rare albino buffalo? Many men would consider both prizes worth killing for—and the men on his cattle drive were all experienced killers…

“The joy of reading Shirreffs’ work is in his mastery of pacing and his tough, gritty prose.” James Reasoner, author of Outlaw Ranger