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Mystery of the Haunted Mine and The Secret of the Spanish Desert: Two Full-Length Young Adult Western Mystery Novels

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Embark on two full-length exhilarating adventures alongside teenagers Gary Cole, Tucker Browne, and Sue Browne as they venture unchartered territories in search of lost fortunes!

In Mystery of the Haunted Mine, somewhere tucked away in these canyons is a life-changing treasure…thousands upon thousands of dollars' worth of gold that many a man has searched and died for over the years spanning back as far as their grandfathers’ time. The Indians say it is guarded by ghosts, but Gary, Tuck, and Sue refuse to believe that ghosts use live ammunition… Like Perry Mason’s triumphs in the courtroom, these determined young adventurers must overcome adversity and emerge unscathed.

During The Secret of the Spanish Desert, while exploring the vast desert, Gary stumbles upon an enticing secret—a lost Spanish Mission waiting to be discovered. As the trio unravels the enigmatic tale, they encounter a mysterious spectral figure draped in the robes of a friar—just one of the many perplexing dilemmas that lie ahead for our intrepid sleuths—and their relentless pursuit takes them deeper into the arid wasteland, where danger lurks at every turn.

Join Gary, Tucker, and Sue on two unforgettable journeys, as they face desert-bound obstacles and unmask the secrets buried within. Will you answer the call? Adventure awaits.