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Maddie O'Brien's Christmas Donkeys: A Teen Holiday Western

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HEE-haw. HEE-haw. HEE-haw...

Growing up on a small ranch without a mother hasn’t been all that easy for only child Maddie O’Brien. Her father, scarred by war emotionally and physically is kind, but very withdrawn. Her grandfather, Otis, is funny and wise but a confirmed bachelor who is completely content to tend to their livestock and endlessly re-tell old stories. As another difficult Christmas season approaches, Maddie O’Brien is hoping for something special to bring joy into their lives.

And then one snowy winter night a small band of abandoned and hungry donkeys appear at their barn door braying for food and comfort. They are achingly cute, sweet and there is even a little one among them, but where could they have come from? And why did they find Maddie O’Brien?