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Jack Slater: Guns of Mound Valley (Jack Slater Book #5)

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Thrilling action from page to page, from the valley floor to the granite spires of the Ruby Mountains.

A vicious gang of killers moves into Elko County, Nevada, and stages a robbery following the Fall Stock Sales killing several and nabbing thousands. Disappointed by the sheriff’s slow response, Jack Slater, whose herd was at the sale, takes matters into his own hands and leads a posse of ranch buckaroos in chase.

The gang is led by Pa Appleton, a couple of prison friends, and his son and daughter, each with numerous killings under their belt... and each harboring doubts about Pa as their leader.

A more inept gang would be hard to find, yet Pa's gang continues to evade capture, killing people at every chance as they’re chased through Mound Valley and into the rugged wilds of the Ruby Mountains.

Personalities play a large part in this western novel as extreme danger brings out the best and the worst in those taking part. Despite heroic efforts by the good guys, it seems the bad guys are going to win this time.