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Flowers and Tombstones of a Conservation Officer: Struggles Won and Lost (Flowers and Tombstones Book #1)

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Ride the Wildlife Outlaw trail once again with Conservation Officer, Terry Grosz, and his real-life law enforcement adventures in the often times deadly and savage world of Wildlife law enforcement.

Float the Klamath River at night in a 12-foot boat without using lights of any kind while apprehending groups of Indians using illegal gill nets; face down armed and deadly Indian gill net outlaws when they discover Terry's identity while he was working them undercover, ending with a very surprising twist; stand with Terry when he faced down an armed assailant and only has one pound left on the trigger pull of his .44 Magnum aimed at his dangerous target; ride with Terry when a rifle bullet "claims" one of his nine lives; share a stakeout with Terry when he takes on killers from the strategic Air Command, and other compelling takes from the world of Wildlife Enforcement.

This is Wildlife law enforcement as only Terry Grosz can tell it: first person from one who lived the life as a solitary lawman protecting those in the world of wildlife who had little or no voice.