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Cold Revenge: A Classic Western

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When Rand Colby’s fiancé is killed by four escaping bank-robbers, Rand takes up the mission of finding the men who killed her. During his search, Rand befriends Charles Holiday, owner of a hotel/saloon/brothel in Laramie. Charles is shot, and his dying wish is for Rand to go to St. Louis to find his niece, to whom he is leaving his business.

Carrie Holiday, Charles’ niece, lives at the New Life Orphanage where she worked as a governess. It is no mere coincidence, for when she was a baby, she had been left at the home by Charles, the uncle she was unaware existed.

When Carrie reaches Laramie she learns that what she thought was a hotel was also a saloon and brothel. She immediately makes some changes and turns the extra space into a community meeting room. As Carrie struggles with the hotel, she is helped by her uncle’s lawyer whose “help” may lead her into bankruptcy so he can take over the hotel for himself.

In the meantime, Rand continues his hunt locating and bringing to justice the bank robbers, one at a time. When Carrie is kidnapped, Rand, who has found all but one of the men who killed his fiancé, must put his original mission aside to rescue her.