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Anarchy Road: A Jake Caldwell Thriller (Jake Caldwell Book #6)

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When former mob leg-breaker turned PI, Jake Caldwell leaves a rock concert with his daughter, they fall victim to a bombing by a mad man with a depraved vision. Jake quickly discovers they weren’t the first victims and, if he doesn’t do something fast, they won’t be the last.

While his daughter Halle fights for her life, Jake and his best friend Sheriff Bear Parley follow the bloody clues and uncover an evil plot to pit the polarized sides of the nation against each other to shred the fragile remains of the social fabric holding the country together.

If Jake, Bear, and their friends with the FBI fail, more people will die, and the country will plummet into chaos and a point of no return.

This sixth installment of the action-packed Jake Caldwell thrillers will have you on the edge of your seat begging you never to make the wrong turn onto Anarchy Road.