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One True Deed: A Classic Historical Western Romance Series (Nickel Hill Book #4)

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In the captivating conclusion to the Nickel Hill series, award-winning author Irene Bennett Brown takes readers on a thrilling journey back to 1907.

At Nickel Hill Ranch, a joyous wedding celebration takes a dark turn when a stranger arrives, claiming that the land does not legally belong to Jocelyn and Pete Pladson. With unwavering confidence in the legitimacy of their deed, the Pladsons’ world is thrown into chaos when the stranger reveals his true identity: Dillard Scott—a man with deep-rooted connections to the ranch as the son of its original owners.

As bitter history resurfaces, Dillard and his brothers launch a relentless campaign to force the Pladsons off the land they call their own. But when the brothers resort to a dangerous attempt at ransom, everything Jocelyn and Pete have worked so hard to attain…is but a small price.

In the face of imminent danger and ruthless adversaries, one family must summon every ounce of strength and courage to prove the ranch’s legal ownership and tirelessly defend the land they treasure—even when they find themselves at crosshairs with hoodlums who will stop at nothing to claim their one true deed.

One True Deed is a gripping historical tale of love, perseverance, and resilience. Buy your copy and join the Pladsons as they fight to protect their home and livelihoods against a relentless onslaught of threats and deceit in the conclusion to this western romance series today!