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Where The Basilisk Dreams: A Native American Historical Mystery Series (The Anasazi Mysteries Book #2)

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From New York Times bestselling authors W. Michael Gear and Kathleen O’Neal Gear comes the second book in the compelling and paranormal The Anasazi Mysteries.

When Archaeologist Dusty Stewart and world-renowned Anthropologist Dr. Maureen Cole team up to excavate an ancient dig site in modern-day New Mexico, they’re surprised to discover a mass grave dating back to the time of the Anasazi—a vastly ancient and sophisticated empire shrouded in mystery.

Upon further excavation, the pair discovers that every departed’s remains has something in common—and it’s more shocking than they first believed. As the mystery of these unprecedented deaths begins to unravel, Dusty and Maureen start to wonder what this calculated monster was killing for…and question whether some secrets are better left buried.

Meanwhile, centuries before, renowned Shaman Stone Ghost has been hunting the legendary witch, Two Hearts, for as long as he can remember. The notorious killer has been brutally murdering women and evading the grasp of justice. But with each new victim, it becomes clear that his targets are not chosen at random. Two Hearts knows something that Stone Ghost does not—and it just might be an old and powerful secret capable of shaking the very foundation of everything they know to be true.

Can Dusty and Maureen unravel the profound mystery of an ancient evil whose horrid deeds transcend across time?

Embark on a thrilling expedition into the enigmatic depths of history and bone-chilling mysteries…or risk forever being ensnared by unexplained entities that lurk in the shadows of our world’s past and present.