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Max Allan Collins Collection, Volume Four: Dark Suspense

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Introducing Max Allan Collins Collection Volume Four: Dark Suspense—a gripping collection that delves into the twisted and chilling realms of crime and horror, bringing together four unforgettable novels and a selection of holiday-themed tales, curated by acclaimed author Max Allan Collins.

Mommy, the horrifying lengths a mother will go to ensure her daughter's success are unveiled, even those resulting in murder. During the bone-chilling sequel, Mommy’s Day, the menacing mother returns, determined to reclaim the love of her precious little girl at any cost.

A relentless battle between two serial killers vying for notoriety ensues in the thrilling 
No One Will Hear You, and a high-stakes competition plays out on an investigative reality show where the lives of innocent victims hang in the balance.

Diving into darkness with 
Reincarnal and Other Dark Tales, a collection of sinister stories unfold—featuring seductive vampires, psychotic Santas, and haunting encounters.

Blue Christmas and Other Holiday Homicides embraces the sinister side of holidays with a cornucopia of crime and mystery tales, each intricately woven around occasions like Christmas, Memorial Day, and Thanksgiving.

Step into the chilling world of crime and dark suspense in Max Allan Collins’ latest collection—showcasing thrilling and chilling narratives. Grab your copy today and immerse yourself in a world where the line between right and wrong blurs, and danger lurks around every corner.

“A compelling talent for flowing narrative and concise, believable dialogue. Highly recommended.” Library Journal