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The Anasazi Mysteries

Archaeologist Dusty Stewart finds himself diving into a chilling excavation of an ancient massacre site when the echoes of an eight-hundred-year-old mystery reverberate, leaving tantalizing clues in its wake. But Dusty’s expertise is not enough to decode the brutality etched into the remains, and—in a twist of fate—his nemesis is summoned to aid in deciphering the cryptic puzzle.

When Dr. Maureen Cole arrives at the scene just as a formidable artifact surfaces—the basilisk, a symbol of witches and the hidden realm of duplicity—her task is to trace an ancient blood trail, a path laden with betrayal and madness. Drawing on her anthropological expertise, Maureen embarks on a quest to unveil the truth behind the heinous crime that has remained shrouded for centuries.

But the horrors of the past have a way of intertwining with the present.