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Hunting Ghosts: A Team Reaper Thriller (Team Reaper Book #15)

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The Cabal was meant to have been defeated but there is still one person out there bent on rebuilding it to its former glory, but to do that they need money. One way of getting it is to deliver Raymond “Knocker” Jensen to a Middle East terrorist known only as the Ghost.

It is in Mosul when they strike, taking the former SAS man off the street in broad daylight.

With one of their people MIA, Team Reaper is hunting a ghost of their own – a woman who is as elusive as she is deadly. Proof of this was the way she brutally tortured and killed Brazilian Drug Lord, Alfredo Costa.

Now they have two ghosts to find. One who has their friend, and one who wants them dead.

The only problem is ghosts don’t exist…