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War's End (Tales of an Inconvenient War Book #5)

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In the last year of the Korean War, fighting deteriorated to points on a long battle line where immediate tactical positions could be improved. It involved limited, but vicious, close-in fighting. The negotiations, begun the previous year, had also deteriorated to small, often insignificant action, with each side trying to end the war when it had the momentary advantage.

Everett Klehn moves to Washington where he is involved in "back channel" maneuvers and other troubleshooting for President Truman that has him in Korea as much as in Washington.

"Pee Wee" Petrov and Ben Kalman illustrate the courage and commitment of combat leaders who follow unwelcome orders but try valiantly to keep casualties low in a war they realize must end soon.

Once again Emery Buxton builds scenes that are convincing and show human courage at its finest in a war America never wanted and left behind as soon as it was convenient. It haunts us still.