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The Woman Who: The Complete Series (Books #1-#6)

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Embark on a gripping journey into the untamed frontier with C.K. Crigger's Spur Award-winning series, The Woman Who. Across six captivating books, witness a saga of legacy, revenge, and turmoil as one woman's unwavering strength takes center stage.

The Woman Who Built a Bridge
When January Schutt saves Shay Billings after he’s ambushed and left for dead on a bridge, they join forces against a mutual and power-hungry adversary. But as their story unfolds into a war over water rights, January begins to question if she picked the winning side.

The Woman Who Killed Marvin Hammel
January is vowing revenge after the murder of her husband. With skullduggery afoot, she takes matters into her own hands, setting the stage for a final showdown between two widows determined to claim justice.

The Woman Who Wore a Badge
Seeking a fresh start, January finds herself entangled in a quest to recover a stolen horse. Teaming up with Deputy Eli Pasco, they uncover a kidnapping plot that leads to a dangerous confrontation on the Washington coast. Will January’s toughness and resilience hold steady as she fights for justice?

The Woman Who Beat the Odds
Answering the call for help, January faces danger head-on when a valuable gun is stolen, and the town's marshal is incapacitated. With old connections complicating matters and a gang of outlaws descending on the town, she confronts death on a cold winter night, determined to beat the odds.

The Woman Who Inherited Trouble
When January inherits a fortune, she faces adversaries seeking wealth. Fighting against arson, arrows, kidnapping, and murder, she enlists the help of Eli and friends on a mission for justice.

The Woman Who Went for Broke
Now in possession of the Flowers fortune and tasked with guardianship over her cousins, Jem and Hattie, January battles a legacy of trouble. Alongside rugged bounty hunter Eli, a final confrontation looms. But can a woman who wants it all lead a normal life?

Join in on a thrilling journey through the Wild West, where justice is earned through grit, determination, and a willingness to beat the odds. C.K. Crigger's The Woman Who series is a testament to the strength of women everywhere, offering readers a taste of the resilience that defines an era.