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The Dusk Country: A Historical Fantasy Series (The Peacemaker's Tale Book #4)

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Experience the gripping continuation of the Peacemaker’s Tale series in The Dusk Country, the latest installment by New York Times bestselling authors and renowned archaeologists Kathleen O’Neal Gear and W. Michael Gear.

War Chief Koracoo and Deputy Gonda of the Standing Stone People have successfully rescued their children, Odion and Tutelo, from the monstrous witch, Gannajero the Crow, but others are still being held captive in Gannajero’s camp and Koracoo and Gonda are determined to save them all.

In the heart of Gannajero’s camp, Wrass, Zateri, and fellow captives must flee their captors, aware they can only trust each other. As Zateri and others escape, Wrass, injured, is abandoned by Gannajero. Helpless, he realizes he's been used as bait, unable to save himself or the others.

With their trademark mastery of North American prehistory, Kathleen and W. Michael Gear tell a very human story of love and courage set against the backdrop of violent and endemic warfare of the Iroquois nations prior to the founding of the League of the Iroquois six hundred years ago. Order your copy now and embark on this epic adventure today!