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Black Falcon Nation

Sora is the wise but young High Chieftess of the Black Falcon Nation. For many winters her heart belonged to her husband, Flint, a great warrior. They shared a true bond, and together they explored the world of passion and love. But Flint was murderously jealous, on more than one occasion beating men to death for merely casting a longing glance at Sora. Unable to live with his rage, Flint divorced Sora, leaving her–and the clan–forever.

Remarried, Sora tries to bury her memories of Flint. But she is forcibly reminded of her lost love when, on the eve of war with a neighboring nation, she is visited by Skinner, an old friend of Flint’s, who brings word of Flint’s death. Sora notices something strange about Skinner; it is as if he carries a part of Flint's soul inside him. When he starts revealing secrets only Flint would know, Sora must discern whether it is the clever witchcraft of enemies who want to seize her power and destroy her nation, or the spirit of her one and only true love.