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Tales of an Inconvenient War: The Complete Korean War Series (Books #1-#5)

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In the aftermath of World War II and into the Korean War, Tales of an Inconvenient War: The Complete Series delivers an unforgettable saga of resilience, sacrifice, and unyielding human spirit.

From the ruins of Okinawa, three orphaned Japanese teenagers struggle to survive in a shantytown built from war’s remnants. Their harrowing journey intersects with First Lieutenant Everett Klehn, whose destiny shifts from post-war Japan to the geopolitical tensions of a divided Korea. As an Intelligence analyst, Everett witnesses the march toward the Korean War, forming bonds and confronting adversaries along the way.

As the conflict escalates, Everett faces pivotal moments: the breakout from the Pusan Perimeter, battles along the 38th Parallel, and the fraught negotiations at Kaesong. Grappling with duty, he must embody the courage and complexity of those caught in history’s maelstrom.

Emery Buxton’s masterful storytelling captures the essence of wartime perseverance and the haunting legacy of a conflict that shaped a generation. Buy your copy of this historical fiction collection today!