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L. J. Martin

L. J. Martin

 L. J. Martin is the author of 40 western, historical, mystery, and thriller novels from Bantam, Pinnacle, Avon, and Wolfpack Publishing, and of five non-fiction works. Most of his books have been produced in audio. He has a dozen books under option to film companies here and in Germany, and, as a screenwriter, has had three screenplays optioned. He lives in Montana with his wife, Kat, the New York Times bestselling author of over 65 romantic suspense and historical romance novels internationally published in a dozen languages and more than two dozen countries. When not writing, L. J.’s working with his horses, hunting, fishing, cooking, and wandering the back country with his cameras, both video and still. His photography has appeared on national magazine covers and in periodicals. Over one hundred of his videos can be seen on at ljmartinwolfpack. Join him on Facebook at ljmartinauthor. And on his webpage He’s particularly proud of the several hundred covers he’s designed for Wolfpack Publishing, a company he helped found. Having been car and plane wrecked, having visited (forced visits) a number of jusgados—he once threatened to write Five Star Jails of California–and one road camp, having sailed his own ketch up and down California, having raised four sons, and having been in a dozen businesses and in and out of lots of boardrooms of some of the country’s largest banks, attorneys offices, and corporations, he knows about what he writes about. Learn more about L.J. Martin at

Repairman Series

The Repairman By L.J. Martin
The Bakken By L.J. Martin
G5 Gee Whiz By L.J. Martin
Whos on Top By L.J. Martin
Target Shy and Sexy
judge jury desert fury


Stand Alone Novels


Shadow of the Mast By L.J. Martin
Rush to Destiny By L.J. Martin
Unchained By L.J. Martin
Tin Angel By L.J. Martin
Myrtle Mae By L.J. Martin
Blood Mountain By L.J. Martin
Windfall By L.J. Martin

 Nemesis Series


Nemesis By L.J. Martin
Mr Pettigrew By L.J. Martin

 The Ned Cody Series


Buckshot By L.J. Martin
Mojave Showdown By L.J. Martin

 Bob Burton


Crimson Hit By L.J. Martin
Quiet Ops By Bob Burton
Bullet-Blues By L.J. Martin

 The Clint Ryan Series


Shadow-of-the-Grizzly By L.J. Martin
Benecia Belle By L.J. Martin
Against the 7th flag By L.J. Martin
El Lazo By L.J. Martin
Devils Bounty By L.J. Martin

 Non-fiction Books


From The Pea Patch By L.J. Martin
Killing Cancer By L.J. Martin
Write Fiction By L.J. Martin
Cooking Wild and Wonderful By L.J. Martin
California Cocaine By L.J. Martin
The Write Stuff By L.J. Martin
Who's The Boss By L.J. Martin

The Montana Series


Eye For an Eye
Wolf Mountain By L.J. Martin
Stranahan By L.J. Martin
ORourkes Revenge By L.J. Martin
McKeags Mountain By L.J. Martin
McCreeds Law By L.J. Martin

Short Story Collections


Short Stories By L.J. Martin
Slopes of The Sierra By L.J. Martin
Holly Hell By L.J. Martin



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