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Wants your Manuscript! We are the author's publisher, specializing in digital books , ebook publishing and distribution.

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  • If you’re a published author with a backlist to which you’ve recovered the rights.
  • If you’re an expert on any subject and want to be a published expert.
  • If you’re an educator and it’s publish or perish.
  • Use our submission form to get started.

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  • Deadman's Fury Review !!
    Deadman’s Fury Review !!
      This second book in the Deadman’ series is a more thoughtful work than the first book. Matthew is now five years older, a husband and...
  • $.99 For a Limited Time!!!
    $.99 For a Limited Time!!!
    Slaughter at Buffalo Creek By Chet Cunningham  (Click here to buy now) Captain Colt Harding, grief-stricken and hungry for revenge, sets out to destroy White...
  • Last Chance Ends Todays $.99
    Last Chance Ends Todays $.99
    The Repairman By L.J. Martin (Get it now for $.99 Click here) Got a problem? Mike Reardon, the repairman, can fix it. Your son in...

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Wolfpack Publishing LLC was formed to bring both established and new authors to the market utilizing the latest in SEO and eBook publishing & marketing techniques. With over 30 years publishing experience.

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