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Cliff Hudgins

Cliff Hudgins

Cliff Hudgins was born in Corpus Christi, Texas and is currently residing in Danville, Virginia, He has been involved in ministry for the past thirty eight years, serving churches in Texas, Hawaii, as Director of Mission, and the Virginia Baptist Mission Board in Virginia. He has written several articles in Church Administration and published a training manual on system thinking as it pertains to church health entitled “7 Stands of Church Health: Where is the Enemy?”

His fiction work reflects the Texas heritage. Cliff has six books currently available,The Weathervane Ranch, Pete McNally: Texas Ranger, Viejo and the Ranger, Viejo and the Outlaw, Viejo and the Lost Child, and Viejo and the Lost Ranger. He is currently busy writing the next in the series, Viejo and the Hunted Ranger.

Cliff Hudgins is an associate member of Western Writers of America.

The Viejo Series

Viejo and The Ranger By Cliff Hudgins
Viejo and The Outlaw By Cliff Hudgins
Viejo and The Lost Child By Cliff Hudgins
Viejo and The Lost Ranger By Cliff Hudgins

The Weathervane Ranch By Cliff Hudgins
viejo book 8

McNally Series

Standalone Novels

Why Does a Mockingbird Sing
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