B.N. Rundell

B.N. Rundell

B.N. Rundell

Born and raised in Colorado into a family of ranchers and cowboys, B.N. Rundell is the youngest of seven sons. Juggling bull riding, skiing, and high school, graduation was a launching pad for a hitch in the Army Paratroopers.  After the army, he finished his college education in Springfield, MO, and together with his wife and growing family, entered the ministry as a Baptist preacher.

Together, B.N. and Dawn raised four girls that are now married and have made them proud grandparents. With many years as a successful pastor and educator, he retired from the ministry and followed in the footsteps of his entrepreneurial father and started a successful insurance agency, which is now in the hands of his trusted nephew. He has also been a successful audiobook narrator and has recorded many books for several award-winning authors. Now finally realizing his life-long dream, B.N. has turned his efforts to writing a variety of books, from children’s picture books and young adult adventure books, to the historical fiction and western genres which are his first love.


The Buckskin Chronicles

To Keep A Promise (#1) — More Info | Purchase

To The Tall Timber (#2) — More Info | Purchase

To The Absaroka (#3) — More Info | Purchase

To The Bighorns (#4) — More Info | Purchase

To The Medicine Bow (#5) — More Info | Purchase

To The Sierra Madre (#6) — More Info | Purchase

To The Cache La Poudre (#7)  — More Info | Purchase

To The Overland Trail (#8) More Info | Purchase

To The Sangre de Cristo (#9)More Info | Purchase

To The San Juan (#10)More Info | Purchase

Teen / Young Adult

Star Dancer — More Info | Purchase

Christian Western

Ridin’ Lonesome — More Info | Purchase

Rocky Mountain Saint

Journey to Jeopardy (#1)More Info | Coming Soon

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