Yosemite Thunder by Gary McCarthy

Yosemite Thunder by Gary McCarthy

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Genre: Historical Fiction
ISBN: 1463602472

Before man, there was a place of breathtaking beauty... a land forever wild, forever free. The Indians called it Ahwahnee. We know it as YOSEMITE. . .a timeless land of vast, unspoiled riches. . .where ancient tribes walked the sacred ground in peace and harmony. YOSEMITE. . .a paradise on earth that lured settlers like Joseph Walker to cross the mythical Sierra Nevadas and brave the perils of a great unexplored wilderness in search of fame and fortune. YOSEMITE. . .a coveted prize for those who would plunder its rich resources, it would take visionaries like John Muir and Theodore Roosevelt to protect this pristine land and preserve it as a sanctuary for generations of Americans to come. Painted on an authentic, larger-than-life canvas, filled with the men and women who made history, here is the epic story as spectacular in scope and stirringly beautiful as YOSEMITE itself.

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(National Parks Historical Fiction Series Book 4)

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