Wrapping up 2017 and Welcoming 2018

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With the end of the year upon us we are looking back at all of the great accomplishments we had as a company. We welcomed on many new authors, had more than a couple best sellers, and got to see some familiar faces at the WWA convention. A big thanks to you, the readers, for helping us be so successful again this year. Everyone at Wolfpack Publishing is excited to see what the next year has to offer!

New Authors

Here at Wolfpack we are constantly welcoming new authors with new titles or with a back list! This year we were lucky enough to add over 10 authors to our family! Here are a few that we have had the chance to get to know.

Jeb Rosebrook Jeb Rosebrook Author

Jeb Rosebrook joined the team in 2017 and has re-released three successful novels in that time span! Rosebrook has earned his living as a professional writer since he first was a paid intern as a dramatic television writer at NBC in 1956 in New York. His career includes not only publishing three novels, but journalism, advertising and public relations as well!

Find Jeb Rosebrook's novels here!

Stephen Mertz

Stephen Mertz has had a busy year, publishing over 10 novels with us! Mertz is succesful in a variety of genres, including Action & Adventure, Military Thrillers, Suspense and Historical Fiction. Mertz calls himself “a writer with no word modifying that,” leaving him with no restrictions when it comes to trying out new genres.

Learn more about Stephen Mertz here and look for new titles from him in 2018.

Johnny Gunn

Johnny Gunn hit the ground running this year. His first novel, Jack Slatter, was quickly #1 on Amazon's Western list. Gunn released four novels this year, with more coming in 2018. Jack Slatter is a stand-alone, along with Ezekiel's Journey, which is a three-book series.

Check out this interview with Johnny Gunn!

John D. Nesbitt John D Nesbit western author

John D. Nesbitt is a Western short-story author. He joined the team summer of 2017 and has published five short-stories with more to come in 2018. Nesbitt bases his writing on his familiarity with the people, landscape, and animals he has come to know in the American West. His work is most often praised for its characterization, its sense of place, its prose style, and its blend of both popular and literary styles.

Find John D. Nesbitt's books here!

New Books

Silent Coup by Robert Vaughan

Silent Coup is the first novel in the new series, A Slack Team, by Robert Vaughan. Vaughan integrates current day realism of today's challenging political situation with fast paced action. This is the intriguing, action filled story that 2017 needed.

Get your copy now!

Grizzly Killer by Lane R Warenski Grizzly Killer: Hell Hath No Fury by Lane R Warenski

We started the year off with Grizzly Killer: The Making of a Mountain Man, and ended it with Grizzly Killer: Hell Hath No Fury. The series is currently four books that have all become best sellers, with more to come. Grizzly Killer was also named Best in Frontier Fiction by True West Magazine for 2017!

Fine the Grizzly Killer books here!

Elliot “Bear Scat” Sutta, Mountain Man by Terry Grosz

Terry Grosz returns to the unexplored American West in his ninth Mountain Man novel, “Elliott “Bear Scat” Sutta, Mountain Man.” With a happy ending and non-stop action, this is said to be the best book of the series thus far. If you ever wanted to know what went into surviving year to year as a beaver trapper in the early 1800's, this is the book for you.

Get your book here!

Hallowed Ground by Michael Newton Hallowed Ground by Michael Newton

Hallowed Ground is the sixth book in the Gideon Thorn series. Gideon Thorn follows a lead from southern California to Colorado Territory, on the eve of statehood, hoping he may solve a gruesome riddle from his own childhood. Readers are already loving this book and looking forward to more in the series!

Find the whole series here!


2017 was full of great accomplishments and celebrations! We heard from some of our editors for Be Kind To Editors and Writers month and why we appreciate what they do so much. Multiple authors, including Linell Jeppsen and Lane R Waresnki won awards this year for their novels. 10 Wolfpack authors shared their best advice to help motivate others. And last but not least, Wolfpack Publishing was voted Best Digital Publisher for the second year in a row, let's make 2018 the third!


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