Wolfpack Summer Reading Roundup

By Patience Bramlett


Summer is upon us once again, and your bags are locked and loaded! You’re ready for sun rays to warm your skin, memories to cleanse your mind, and books to fill your soul. There’s nothing better than time spent off work with your nose shoved in a good book, and a cup of summer fun in your hand.

So, whether you love getting lost in a good thriller, fancy a rowdy western, or want to fulfill your action-packed aspirations, we have you covered. Presenting: Wolfpack Publishing’s Summer Reading Roundup!



For anthropology graduate student Sam Delgado, headed to the wilds of Wyoming, this is his last chance to save his graduate career. He and his urban classmates see this as the adventure of a lifetime: They are going to horse-pack in the wilderness to map and test a high-altitude archaeological site.

Until a cyber-attack collapses the American banking system, and an already fractured nation descends into anarchy and chaos. All credit frozen, Sam and his archaeological field school is trapped in their high-altitude camp. With return to the East impossible, Sam, the woman he has come to love, and the rest of the students must rely on hard-bitten Wyoming ranchers for their very survival.

Guided only by an elusive Shoshone spirit helper, Sam will discover the meaning of self-sacrifice. Even at the cost of his life.

Haunting, provoking, frightening and prescient – in the end, all that stands between civilization and barbarism is one young man’s courage and belief in himself.

“Gear is a master when it comes to vividly described settings: you can smell the smoke, hear the wind in the trees, and feel the cold.”



Grizzly Killer: Sacred Ground:

“Lane R Warenski does a fabulous job of recreating the life, danger, beauty and heroism of the western mountain man.”

It is a long and treacherous journey to the mountains, some braved the dangers to escape the sure death from a rich and powerful man, while others were looking for the freedom they have never known. For some it was a job, a job that paid much better than working in Saint Louis, as others hoped to find their riches in the fur trade.

For Gabe and his new wife Jenny, they had to escape the reaches of a father seeking vengeance. For Toby and Letty they were running toward freedom they did not understand.

Zach Connors better known as Grizzly Killer and his partners made the trip to Rendezvous to trade for supplies that Gabe and Toby were helping bring to the Rocky Mountain Rendezvous. While their wives Jenny and Letty followed behind in a lone wagon.

The question they are all asking: will they find their own Sacred Ground?




Rocky Mountain Saint: The Complete Series:

Best-selling western author B.N. Rundell takes you on a journey through the wilderness in this complete 14-book mountain man saga!

Holding on to the dream of living in the Rocky Mountains that Tatum shared with his father, he begins his journey—a journey that takes him through the lands of the Osage and Kiowa and ultimately to the land of the Comanche. Now he has a family, and the wilderness makes many demands on anyone that tries to master the mountains…

“Rundell's Rocky Mountain Saint series is marvelous and inspiring.” – Reader

Follow Tate Saint, man of the mountains, on his journey from boyhood to manhood where he faces everything from the wilds of the wilderness to forces of nature and historic wars.

Rocky Mountain Saint: The Complete Series includes – Journey to Jeopardy, Frontier Freedom, Wilderness Wanderin’, Mountain Massacre, Timberline Trail, Pathfinder Peril, Wapiti Widow, Vengeance Valley, Renegade Rampage, Buffalo Brigade, Territory Tyranny, Winter Waifs, Mescalero Madness and Dine’ Defiance.




Live Fast, Spy Hard:


John Sand, the former MI6 agent upon whom a certain fictional spy was based, is keeping a secret from his new bride Stacey – he has been tracking the supposedly dead Jake Lonestarr, her Texas oil tycoon father's traitorous business partner.

When Stacey disappears, is Lonestarr responsible or Las Vegas godfather Anthony Morello – a man with a big grudge – or is it the shadowy figures behind the slaughter at the new international spy agency trying to recruit John Sand?

The search for the beautiful Mrs. Sand – who has her own deadly charms – crosses continents, as Sand navigates a death trap in Berlin, an attack in a neon graveyard, and an earthquake in Mexico, with an army of assassins everywhere he turns…leading to a most dangerous game in the jungles of Curacoa.

“John Sand wows in this exciting spy adventure!”




Hunting Ghosts:


The Cabal was meant to have been defeated but there is still one person out there bent on rebuilding it to its former glory, but to do that they need money. One way of getting it is to deliver Raymond “Knocker” Jensen to a Middle East terrorist known only as the Ghost.

It is in Mosul when they strike, taking the former SAS man off the street in broad daylight.

With one of their people MIA, Team Reaper is hunting a ghost of their own – a woman who is as elusive as she is deadly. Proof of which was the way she brutally tortured and killed Brazilian Drug Lord, Alfredo Costa.

Now they have two ghosts to find. One who has their friend, and one who wants them dead.

The only problem is ghosts don’t exist…




Rattler's Law, Volume 1:


Wild Bill Hickok may be gone, but Abilene is still a wild and woolly cow town in need of a strong marshal to bring law and order to its streets. That man is Lucas Flint . . . a legendary lawman sometimes known as the Rattler because of his swift and deadly speed with a Colt .45. Together with his deputy, dashing young gunfighter Cully Markham, Lucas Flint will take on any challenge that threatens the safety of the town and its people that he’s sworn to protect.

In this first collection of Rattler’s Law novels, Flint and Cody battle a ruthless criminal overlord who has taken over the town. A traveling circus visits Abilene, bringing with it unexpected danger. Cully finds himself at the head of a posse tracking down a gang of train robbers. Settlers want only a new place to make their homes, but a violent band of masked marauders has another idea. A half-Kiowa army scout visits Abilene, unaware that a renegade war party is on his trail. Lucas Flint travels to Wyoming to solve a murder and save an innocent woman from the gallows. Big-city criminals show up in Abilene intent on killing a famous pugilist.

Rattler's Law, Volume One includes: The Town Tamer, Deadeye, The Train Robbers, Rancher’s Revenge, Out for Blood, Shadow of the Gallows, A Solid Right Cross, and Whiskey Trail.


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