• Riverboat by Douglas Hirt
  • The Adventures of the Brothers Dent
  • Riverboat: Assassination by Douglas Hirt
  • Survival by Robert Vaughan
  • Shadow Of Thunder by Max Evans
  • Bowen & Baile by Frank Roderus
  • Before I Die by Frank Roderus
  • 1877SuffrageJustice
  • Showdown at Comanche Butte by Robert Vaughan
  • Land Grab Justice by Chet Cunningham
  • Grizzly Killer: The Making Of A Mountain Man
  • Revenge Of The Damned by L. J. Martin
  • The Cimarron River by Gary McCarthy
  • LiarsTrail by C.K. Criger
  • The Cry Not Heard by Cliff Hudgins
  • 1877 Sufferage Justice
  • Deceptive Hearts by Marje Porter
  • LiarsTrail by C.K. Criger

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