The Watch Man : The Complete Series by Tony Masero

The Watch Man : The Complete Series by Tony Masero

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Genres: Action Adventure, Western Fiction, Westerns
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Publisher: Wolfpack Publishing
Publication Year: 2022


In Scalp Bounty, Wade Durance is a quiet, inoffensive man living in a peaceful mid-western town, spending his days repairing timepieces and fixing jewelry. But there is another side to Wade’s existence, one unknown by his unsuspecting customers. When Emmett Kennedy and his gang come calling at the Wade’s ranch, little do they know that the ghastly crime they enact will lead them to fall under The Watch Man’s wrath— a spark that sets Wade on his secret path into a life of bloody assassination at the behest of his mysterious female neighbor.

In Thirty Seconds to Hell, to avoid discovery, The Watch Man—Wade Durance, has fled Iowa and found a new home far away. As he settles in, a vicious attack by bandits takes place and a naive young heiress is carried off. The roots of the problem are found in a threatening ransom note that Wade must decipher to discover the perpetrators. The girl’s wealthy father is involved in some dubious activity and up against the notorious Black Hand Gang that rule the city. The links are obvious, but the bandits hold the girl at an unknown location that Wade must find and overcome.

In Time of Death, Harvey Cartoum, a carpetbagger and administrator for the Freedman’s Bureau, arrives in North Carolina at the end of the Civil War, bringing with him a dissolute band of renegade soldiers looking to take over the Bond Plantation. Wade Durance is given the task of scrutinizing the now wealthy Cartoum’s involvement in possible looting.

Up against a Mexican rustling family and an unpleasant Russian overlord with powerful connections, Wade and his sharpshooting partner, Lola Mayne are pressed into battles that test their mettle and companionship in Count Down to Nemesis. But it is a surprising visitor from Wade’s past that sets precedent and raises the angry notion of revenge in the most bizarre of forms.

And in the final episode of the Watch Man saga, The Destined Hour, Wade Durance and his controller Emily, draw nearer to discovery of the mysterious person behind their attempted assassinations at the hand of the crazed inventor Sylvan. Searching the halls of power, they uncover a highly placed organization intent on undermining the nation. Confronted by an escalating chain of violence, The Watch Man draws events to a final deadly climax.

Watch Man: The Complete Series includes: Scalp Bounty, Thirty Seconds to Hell, Time of Death, Count Down to Nemesis, and The Destined Hour.

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