The War Business (A Sam Raven Thriller 4) by Brian Drake

The War Business (A Sam Raven Thriller 4) by Brian Drake

eBook: $0.99
Genre: Thriller
Publisher: Wolfpack Publishing
Publication Year: 2021
ASIN: B098415678

Raven Returns – and this time, a friend will betray him …

Sam Raven and Aaron Osborne forged a warrior’s bond in the toughest covert battles of the Iraq War. Now, Aaron is desperate for Raven’s help. He owes a debt to the kind of people who don’t take IOUs and plans to rip off a pair of French drug dealers to get the money fast.

Raven thinks the plan poses too many risks, but Aaron saved his life once, he can’t let a friend down. The best way to make sure Aaron gets away clean is to help him pull off the heist.

But when Raven discovers Aaron has lied to him, and the stolen money is actually financing a war profiteering conspiracy to ignite a conflagration in Europe, he’ll chase his old friend from one side of the world and back again to prevent the deaths of millions of innocent people.

From the author of the Scott Stiletto series comes a new hero. Sam Raven is grittier, deadlier, and you better not stand in his way.

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