Utah Author Lois D. Brown Brings Southwestern Myths of Lost Treasure to Life in 5-Book Deal

(Las Vegas, NV) – After exploring the cave believed to have once held Montezuma’s Aztec treasure, Lois D. Brown knew she had to share the story with her readers. By trade, Lois is a journalist, which some might say makes her skilled at mixing fact with fiction. In her “Legends of Treasure” book series, picked up by Wolfpack Publishing in the summer of 2020, she does just that. She weaves stories that closely resemble actual newsworthy events, but adds action, romance, and even a few ghosts.

Lois D. Brown has appeared on two different television shows that examined the possibility of finding Montezuma’s gold hidden in the small desert town of Kanab, Utah. She and her family love to explore the area, look for treasure, and gather local legends.

The first book in the series, a prequel novella entitled Moth to Flame, will be released July 22, 2020 by Wolfpack. It introduces the reader to the heroine of the series, a “Lara Croft of the Southwest.” Wolfpack Publishing is a Las Vegas–based genre publisher with more than 90% of its business in digital book sales. Action and adventure has become an important genre for Wolfpack.

Visit Lois Brown’s website to see snippets from her television appearances, and stop by Wolfpack Publishing to take advantage of some free book offers.


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