Troy Andrew Smith

Troy Andrew Smith was born on July 13th, 1952 in the small rural town of Nowata, Oklahoma. He was raised on a ten acre placed just outside of town and grew up dreaming of being a cowboy like his Dad. Although, their place was small, it was directly across the road from a large ranch and just down the road from another big spread. By the time Troy was 15 he was a regular hand during branding and shipping. He had no idea of ever being in a movie.

As an adult, he worked as a ranch hand, machinist, carpenter, guide, dude wrangler, and Country Western Singer. He also wrote a weekly column from the Nowata newspaper and head several of his Cowboy Poems published in various publications.

When attending film school at Montana State University, he supplemented his income with movie jobs in the summers and started writing novels and screenplays. He has ridden horses or driven teams in numerous movies and TV shows, including three seasons on HBO’s series DEADWOOD.

At this time Troy is concentrating his efforts on his skills as a Screenwriter, Author, and Actor.


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