The Trail to Retaliation: A Classic Western Series (Plainsman Western Series Book 2) by B.N. Rundell

The Trail to Retaliation: A Classic Western Series (Plainsman Western Series Book 2) by B.N. Rundell

eBook: $2.99
Series: Plainsman Western Series, Book 2
Genres: Western Fiction, Westerns
Publisher: Wolfpack Publishing
Publication Year: 2021
ASIN: B09K3S512F


It was to be no more than a wagon train going west, but when Reuben uncovers a plot to provide a shipment of Beecher’s Bibles to the restive Oglala Sioux, he was forced to intervene. He knew the destruction that would come at the hands of renegade natives armed with Springfield Rifles and in good conscience, he forced himself to try to do whatever was necessary to prevent that from happening.

The war was waging in the east and when the usual guard of soldiers from Fort Kearny was no longer possible, the wagons had to travel without the safety of the troops. An appeal to the commandant also revealed a deeper plot that would put the innocent travelers in more danger, prompting Reuben to change his plans and form a plot of his own.

He knew trouble often comes in threes and an angry band of Pawnee that had been cheated by the gunrunners brought their own trouble. And to Reuben’s chagrin, the Brule Sioux and the Arapaho could also complicate matters for the young man who was bound for the western plains. But if the restless and renegade natives weren’t enough, a mighty pretty blue-eyed blonde young lady set her sights on the young plainsman.

If he could see what was coming, Reuben would probably and gladly jump into the nearest pond of quicksand and count himself lucky.

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