Todd Barselow

I got my start in publishing back in 2008 when I edited my first manuscript for a friend looking for feedback. The process came naturally to me, and over the next 13 years I cultivated it into a thriving business (thanks in no small part to Anne Rice, author of Interview with the Vampire and so many other captivating works, who championed my cause and sent so very many authors and aspiring authors to me for work and advice). I’ve worked on 300+ books and with lord only knows how many authors…I’ve lost count. I mainly worked with self-publishing authors, but I also did some publishing house work along the way, ultimately finding a home here at Wolfpack.

I’m originally from the Outer Banks of North Carolina (where I grew up about a hundred yards from a used bookstore, which greatly influenced me from a very early age). I currently reside in Davao City, Philippines. I’m the father of Mandolyn Kagome, my amazing daughter, and partner to Ella, my beautiful girlfriend.