Tim Tresslar

Tim Tresslar was one of the authors behind Don Pendleton's bestselling Mack Bolan action thrillers from Gold Eagle Books, including entries for the EXECUTIONER, STONY MAN, and MACK BOLAN lines.

His thrillers include JUSTICE RUN, BLOOD VENDETTA and LETHAL STAKES, among several others. He is also the author of BLOOD FEUD, his entry in the Jack Tunney FIGHT CARD series from Fight Card Books. His other books include OPERATION: MOSCOW (A MIDNIGHT MAN THRILLER) and RECKONING FOR THE DAMNED.

A former newspaper reporter, Tim Tresslar lives in Dayton, Ohio. In 2012, he studied intelligence analysis, terrorism, CBRN weapons and non-proliferation and other topics at the Advanced Technical Intelligence Center, in Dayton, Ohio. In addition to writing fiction, Tim Tresslar also works as a technical writer.


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