The Wolfpack Publishing Team

Wolfpack Publishing originally started as a digital back list publisher, specializing in western fiction. Thanks to our dedicated Wolfpack Publishing Team has matured into a hybrid publisher, utilizing print on demand for our paperback books and introducing as many new releases as back list titles and in multiple genres.

Our management team is top shelf  and works closely with our diverse resource of editing, copy editing, and art consultants. In addition to the production side, Wolfpack prides itself in our marketing, we utilize vendors from as far away as India and the Philippines. We stay on the cutting edge of marketing trends and utilize an impressive suite of software and internet solutions to aid us in both marketing and operations.

The Wolfpack Publishing Team

Photo by Troy A. Hill

Mike Bray

Mike brings over 25 years of executive management experience to the table as well as over 40 years of marketing and sales experience, the last 25 years devoted to online marketing. When asked about the key to Wolfpack Publishing’s success he replied, "Wolfpack doesn’t have the bloated Madison Avenue overhead the larger traditional publishers have. We don’t have to maintain an inventory or deal with returns, warehousing or shipping. This allows us to take advantage of an aggressive pricing structure for many of our titles and still give our authors a better return than they would have received from a traditional publisher." More...

Jake Bray

A former educator and artist with a passion for great storytelling, before joining Wolfpack, Jake spent the last couple of decades in higher education and working in live entertainment as a lighting designer and production manager. Since joining Wolfpack, Jake continues to oversee business development and distribution for all of its entities with a focus on developing their in-house properties and connecting Wolfpack Publishing with various production partners in audio and film/tv development.


The Editorial Team

Todd Barselow
Production Editor

As a Production Editor, Todd works to keep the wheels turning to ensure Wolfpack’s titles come out on time and in pristine condition. He works with everyone in the company from the top on down to fulfill this mission. Todd joined the Wolfpack Team in December of 2021. More...

Laura Sarrafan
Art Director

As Art Director, Laura Sarrafan is focused on the artistic design and development of book and audio covers, advertising, branding, and other various visual and marketing projects, as well as directing and photographing photoshoots for Wolfpack Publishing, CKN Christian Publishing and Wise Wolf Books. More...


Kristin Yahner
Publishing Assistant

Kristin Yahner joined Wolfpack Publishing in June of 2020, as a Publishing Assistant. She received an associate degree in General Studies with a focus in Creative Writing from Northern Essex Community College in Haverhill, Massachusetts in 2019.




Photo by Troy A Hill

Paul Bishop
Acquisitions Editor

Paul Bishop is the Acquisitions Editor working mainly in the Western, Men’s Adventure, Mystery, and Thriller genres. He is the author of fifteen novels and has written numerous scripts for episodic television and feature films.  More...