Brent Towns

Brent TownsA relative newcomer to the world of writing, Brent Towns self-published his first book, a western, in 2015. Since then, he has written over 26 western stories and various other genres. Brent Towns is one of three authors of the new action & adventure Team Reaper Series for Wolfpack Publishing.


Wolfpack: You joined the writing world fairly late, what motivated you to finally write a book? Was it something you always wanted to do?

Brent Towns: Not initially. I loved to read when I was younger, but my life was more sports oriented. It wasn’t until after I was married that I started to think seriously about writing.

WP: How did the Team Reaper books come to life? Who had the concept and how did everyone get on board?

BT: Team Reaper came about by accident. It was meant to be a story about the main character, John “Reaper” Kane. He was supposed to be a loner going from one issue to the next, all the while having the trouble from the Irish Mob hanging over his head. But somewhere along the way, early in the first book, it all changed and Team Reaper was born. Getting other writers on board was the easy part. When I found out about the writing schedule, I knew straight away that I would never keep up with the fast turnaround with everything else I have going on. Mike Bray suggested getting a few authors together. I asked Mark Allen, who’d read the first manuscript and loved it, so he was on board straight away. It was Mark who suggested Brian Drake. He was more than happy to become part of the team.

WP: So far, what has been your favorite Team Reaper book?

BT: The first will always be a favorite because that is where it all started, so many ideas coming together, and I wanted to write it to prove to myself that I could do something other than a western. But of the three I’ve already completed, I would pick the second book, Deadly Intent. The opening couple of chapters just rock.

WP: What kind of research did you have to do for the Team Reaper novels?

BT: All kinds. Places, weapons, aircraft, etc. And even then, I probably got a few things wrong. But doing research is a fun way to learn.

WP: Westerns, Comics, action & adventure, what genre do you plan to try out next?

BT: I do have something coming up soon, so keep an eye out.

WP: What’s your favorite genre to read? What are you currently reading?

BT: I love reading westerns, action & adventure, war non-fiction, and have recently found my way back to Commando Comics. At the moment I’m reading a western.

WP: Has your family read any of your books? What were their thoughts?Retribution: A Team Reaper Thriller (Book 1) by Brent Towns

BT: Yes, my father tends to read all of my books which is good because he normally won’t read action & adventure. He’s more a western man. My mother-in -law has also read nearly all of my work. Also, my wife. Once I’m finished with a manuscript, she goes over them giving them a deep dive, fixing things that need fixing. My own live-in editor.

WP: Who is your biggest motivator?

BT: Easily my wife. She’s always in the background cracking the whip, making sure I’m focused.

WP: And my favorite question to ask, what advice would you give to those considering a career in writing?

BT: The good old cliché, just write and write more. Boring isn’t it. Don’t expect to come into writing to make your fortune. Do it because you love it. There’s only the select few who tend to make their fortune from putting words on paper. The rest of us have to scrap like junkyard dogs to make the few dollars that come our way.  But I love it and I’m still doing it. If the readers are happy then I’m happy. After all, they’re what really matters in the whole equation. 

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