A Day at Books or Books – Las Vegas, NV

Books or Books - Las Vegas, NV

Books or Books – Las Vegas, NV By Lauren Bridges Books or Books is a used bookstore located in Las Vegas, NV and owned by Kim Henry. Before you even walk into the store you are surrounded by books of every type and the smell is something you have probably only dreamed of. Is that…

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An Interview With Lane R Warenski

Lane R Warenski Interview

An Interview With Lane R Warenski Lane R Warenski has been with Wolfpack Publishing since late 2016 and is the author to the best selling western series, Grizzly Killer. Warenski was raised being proud of his pioneer heritage and with a deep love and respect of the outdoors. Ever since childhood, following his father, Warenski has hunted,…

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National Day of The Cowboy 2017

National Day of The Cowboy Merriam Webster defines a Cowboy as:  one who tends cattle or horses a rodeo performer one having qualities such as recklessness, aggressiveness, or independence which is why today, The National Day of The Cowboy, was created; in order to celebrate, protect and promote the cowboy culture and pioneer heritage that…

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Best Western Novels From Wolfpack Publishing

Best Western Novels From Wolfpack Publishing By Lauren Bridges Wolfpack Publishing is proud to have published many of the best western novels to hit the market in the last 4 years.  Its been a privilege  to work with some of today’s top western authors in the industry, established authors like Robert Vaughan, L. J. Martin, …

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Congratulations To Rachel Del Grosso on Promotion

Rachel Del Grosso

Rachel Del Grosso Big changes are happening here at Wolfpack Publishing, including the much-deserved promotion of Rachel Del Grosso. Del Grosso joined the company in February of 2015 as the Operations Manager. As of March 2017, she will now be taking on the role of Managing Editor. As Managing Editor, she will plan, schedule and…

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Introducing Carl Heller

Introducing  Carl Heller A great hero from the great outdoors By Frank Roderus Meet Carl Heller, a maverick son of the new West, Heller’s a man you can turn to when your life’s in danger…if you can get him off his butt. Born in the Colorado high country he’s a part time rancher and full…

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Cliff Hudgins Interview

Cliff Hudgins western author

  An interview with Cliff Hudgins author of the Viejo Series Cliff Hudgins has been at the top of Amazon’s Christian Westerns and Teen, Young Adult Westerns bestsellers lists since day one with Wolfpack Publishing. Cliff’s writing is refreshing, plenty of action, well developed characters, hypnotic story lines and a wholesome Christian message.   Cliff,…

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