The Slaughter and the Terror (The War Torn Book 7) by Robert Vaughan

The Slaughter and the Terror (The War Torn Book 7) by Robert Vaughan

eBook: $2.99
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Series: The War Torn, Book 7
Genres: Historical, Historical Fiction
Publisher: Wolfpack Publishing
Publication Year: 2021


When the might of the German army rolled across the Russian frontier, hell came to the steppe. Leningrad was besieged, Moscow was attacked, and then there was Stalingrad where the slaughter topped 1,500,000.

In the middle of this firestorm was a family, one of many to answer the call of the Motherland. Anatoly, Katya, Marya, and Eva. Each would play their own part in a war of attrition.

But while they were off doing their duty, their mother was also fighting her own war, trapped inside a besieged city where shells rained down like the snows of winter and starvation killed more than the enemy.

“Highly, highly recommended for an epic multi-family, multinational tale of war, suffering, sacrifices but also love, heroism, and fulfillment.” – Reader

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