Shotgun Rider: A Western Double by Peter Brandvold

Shotgun Rider: A Western Double by Peter Brandvold

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Genre: Westerns
Publisher: Wolfpack Publishing
Publication Year: 2019

Meet Dag Enberg, a brand-new western hero from the author of the Sherriff Ben Stillman Westerns, Peter Brandvold – king of the gritty, sexy, hard-driving western!

In this violent, sexy western double, Dag Enberg is a shotgun rider for Arizona’s Yuma Stage Line. When a group of outlaws led by Cougar Ketchum kidnap Enberg’s pregnant wife and threaten to kill her if Enberg doesn’t turn over a valuable strongbox, Enberg is forced to go against his instincts. He turns over the box without a fight.

The owner of the strongbox, Logan Cates, believes that Enberg has thrown in with Ketchum. When Cates turns his sites on the shotgun rider, a bloody war breaks out . . . as well as a desperate chase into Mexico for the stolen gold and Enberg’s woman.

For a while, Dag Enberg manages to hold onto his job as shotgun rider for the Yuma Line. He soon returns to his old brawling ways, however, and gets himself fired when he raises a drunken ruckus in a saloon and beds the beautiful . . . and off-limits . . . Zenobia Chevere.

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