Rugged Trails (Two Thousand Grueling Miles Book 2) by L.J. Martin

Rugged Trails (Two Thousand Grueling Miles Book 2) by L.J. Martin

eBook: $0.99
Genres: Teen & Young Adult, Westerns
Publisher: Wolfpack Publishing
Publication Year: 2019

From the wilds of western Oregon on the banks of the Snake River, young Jake Zane is offered a job he can’t refuse.

Locusts have cleaned out his fields, and it’s been survival from hunting and trapping. A decent wage and found, and the promise of a fat bonus…if he lives to collect it…

He’s compelled to sign on as a wagon and mule train guard into unchartered territory, from Oregon to gold rush San Francisco. All that’s between him and a bonus that will carry Jake and his family through another year, are hundreds of savages, weather, a Sierra crossing, and wild animals on rugged trails.

It’s get there with the cargo, or all is lost.

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