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Robert Vaughan Award Winning American Author

Robert Vaughan is one of America’s best loved writers of fiction with a career that has spanned nearly sixty years. He has published over 500 books, under his own name and various pseudonyms. We, at Wolfpack, are pleased to present many of his classic books as well as the introduction of a new series, The Western Adventures of Cade McCall. This series is provided exclusively for Wolfpack.

Mr. Vaughan has had a storied career, primarily writing in the Western genre. In addition, he has written war stories, action and adventure, crime stories and the critically acclaimed, The American Chronicles, a decade by decade account of the twentieth century.

He is a retired Army Warrant Officer, having had three tours of duty in Vietnam. His books, Brandywine’s War and the sequel, Brandywine’s War: Back in Country, draw upon his personal experiences, bringing an iconoclastic look at that war. The Valkyrie Mandate, The Quick and the Dead, and The Other Side of Memory provide a more sober window on the Vietnam experience.

For many years, he and his wife, Ruth, held a writing seminar at their beach home in Alabama. He gave generously of his time to help scores of published and unpublished writers sharpen their skills. He often says, he learned far more from his students, than they from him, enjoying the camaraderie that his guests provided. The seminars were suspended in 2010, but he still enjoys hearing from many of the participants who share the news of their successes.

He is still sharing. On his blog and on Facebook, Robert enjoys writing priceless stories from his days as a youth growing up in Sikeston, Missouri, as well as adventures he has experienced both in and out of the Army. He says that a writer can be compared to a merchant except that the only way a writer can “restock his shelves,” is through experiences.

His writing schedule belies his chronological age. Every day is a writing day, whether it be 2,000 words or 200. Every day, that is, except when Alabama is playing football. Roll Tide!


The American Chronicles Series
over there
When Honor Dies Series
The Power Broker Series

Quinn Raiders Series


The War Torn Series 

The Embattled and The Bold By Robert Vaughan
The Brave and The Lonely By Robert Vaughan
The Divine and The Damned Robert Vaughan
The Fallen and The Free By Robert Vaughan
the masters and the martyrs

Other Novels

The Valkyrie Mandate By Robert Vaughan
brandy wines war
Texas Glory By Robert Vaughan
Adobe Walls By Robert Vaughan
A Distant Bugle By Robert Vaughan
The Other SIde of Memory By Robert Vaughan
Yesterday's Reveille By Robert Vaughan
Savages By Robert Vaughan
Range Wars By Robert Vaughan
Legacy By Robert Vaughan
Blood on the Plains By Robert Vaughan
Trail Back By Robert Vaughan
In Honored Glory By Robert Vaughan
The Western Adventures of Cade McCall
Cade's Redemption (The Western Adventures of Cade McCall Book 3) by Robert Vaughan
The Remington Series
a good day for hangin



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