Revenge of the Damned By L. J. Martin

Revenge of the Damned

by L.J. Martin

“What a big difference reading such an entertaining western novel written by an author who writes about topics he has experienced first-hand and/or researched thoroughly. Add to that Martin’s creative story telling style that brings characters and scenes to life, and the only criticism is that the novel ends too soon! Can’t wait to read his other western tales!” – Amazon Reviewer

A lie can be a lynchpin for a hell of a lot worse…at times it can end in a lynching!  When Linc Dolan returns from the Civil War to find his former commanding officer has lied to his intended about his death in battle, and then married her, it’s hell to pay.  When a freak early-winter storm finds Linc wounded and sheltered in the cabin of a recently widowed homesteader and her young son, all should be fine…if he wasn’t on the run from the law.  Now, Bama, a black mule skinner; Twodogs, a Crow tracker; and Dolan, find themselves an unlikely gang.  Damned by decent folk, hunted by the law, and pursued by Montana’s most deadly man-hunters, they all three are wronged and seek bloody revenge.

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