Renegade Rampage (Rocky Mountain Saint Book 9) by B.N. Rundell

Renegade Rampage (Rocky Mountain Saint Book 9) by B.N. Rundell

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Genre: Western Fiction
Publisher: Wolfpack Publishing
Publication Year: 2019

It was just supposed to be a family journey to see the wonders and waters of that strange land to the north, but the land of the north had become a battle ground with a recently freed slave and some mountain men. And when he was joined by a band of Blackfoot renegades that were bent on driving all the whites from their territory and ridding the mountains of their enemies, the monstrous black man willingly lent his might to the blood-letting in that north country. 

When Tate's family became endangered, the wrath of the Rocky Mountain Saint came to life, and he wasn't feeling like the compassionate helper he was known to be.

Hindered by the rugged Absaroka mountains, an ambush in the wilderness, and his own fears, Tate questioned himself and whether he could make it to rescue his family, but would soon find that he would face an even greater fight and possibly a fight he could not win.

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