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Rachel Del Grosso, Managing Editor

Rachel Del Grosso

Hey, my name is Rachel Del Grosso (it’s pronounced “del-grow-so” but you wouldn’t be the first person to mispronounce it). I’m a mother, wife, writer and avid reader living in Las Vegas, Nevada. I’m Canadian (eh!) and consume far more coffee in a twenty-four-hour period than any one person should. In fact, I’m convinced that my body is made up of more coffee than anything else. This may explain how I manage to read as many books as I do. A journaler and short story writer from an embarrassingly early age, I began writing contemporary romance novels in 2015 under the pen name, Rachel Del.

I am a Business Administration-Marketing graduate of Conestoga College in Ontario, Canada. How I ended up in Las Vegas, Nevada is actually a great story (hint: it involves a handsome man and a little thing called L-O-V-E). If you ever meet my husband, be sure to ask him to tell you the story.

I joined the Wolfpack Publishing team as Operations Manager in February 2015 and was promoted to Managing Editor in June 2017. In this position, I oversee and coordinate all editorial activities, as well as oversee the acquisition and development of manuscripts.

Prior to working for Wolfpack, I worked in search engine marketing for one of Canada’s leading internet marketing firms. My additional work experience includes executive administrative roles and project management in the field of outdoor advertising.

I’m one of those introverted people who is only really shy until I get to know you… and once you do you won’t be able to get me to stop talking. But I’d still rather sit at home with a good book than go to a party. I’m also the kind of person who sings in their car—you can decide for yourself what that says about me, but personally, I think it’s a good thing. One needs to be able to laugh at themselves.

Thanks for taking the time to get to know me! I love to chat, so if you want to get to know me better, drop me a line at racheldelgrosso@gmail.com or tweet me @racheldelxo

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