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The Sanity Ward: A Novel of Psychological Terror

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From the mind of John A. Russo, co-creator of the cult classic Night of the Living Dead, another classic tale of horror and suspense…

Jenny Teague misses her father. She’s never recovered from his sudden disappearance a decade earlier. When a strange man tries to convince her he’s still alive, she just can’t bring herself to believe it. Eventually, the stranger, Dr. Rolf Kollar, convinces Jenny to accompany him to look for the man he claims is her father. Together they hatch a plan to break this man out of the sanatorium where he’s apparently being held against his will.

When Norman Teague and two fellow patients—all of whom have been imprisoned by the government as a result of a bizarre discovery—do escape, all hell breaks loose. The ensuing mayhem serves to convince Jenny that her father is indeed alive…but is it possible that he could really be the man she once knew and loved?

When sanity flees, terror takes its place…