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The Killings in Paradise Valley: A Deputy Jordan Tynes Modern Western Thriller (Deputy Jordan Tynes Book #2)

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The second book in Gregory C. Randall’s thrilling new mystery series will leave you breathless with anticipation as the action unfolds at lightning pace!

After the murder of her boss, Sheriff Doug Duluth, Deputy Jordan Tynes is asked by county commissioners to step in as acting sheriff. Torn by her obligations to the county and her desire to become the new coroner, she accepts. Within a month, two mining consultants are murdered and left on the side of a snow-swept mountain road.

Twenty-four hours later, a man is found walking down a blizzard-obscured highway in the dead of night, with no memory and no identification. Sheriff Tynes discovers him to be ATF Special Agent Mike Cardona, on duty in Montana to break up an international gun-running operation – guns that are being legally acquired in Montana. Sheriff Tynes also learns this same group, a gang of women who call themselves the Sisterhood of the Stone Hammer, is dealing drugs in her county and Yellowstone National Park.

A tense final standoff in a box canyon in the Crazy Mountains leaves all involved inextricably changed forever.