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The Killing Truth: A Novel of Suspense (David Cristi and Vito Martinelli Mysteries Book #1)

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From the pen of John A. Russo, co-creator of the cult classic Night of the Living Dead, comes a suspenseful and intriguing murder mystery sure to haunt you long after the last page is read…

David Cristi, a famous movie director now in his sixties, has enjoyed a long, flourishing career, thanks to the franchise horror character that he invented–a brutal serial killer named Wayne Calley.

For decades, David has been tormented by the unsolved murder of his best friend, Ronald Demick, when they were young teens. Two other boys were killed along with Ron, and at first, the murders seemed to be solved, but now, after seventeen years in prison, those who were thought to be guilty have been exonerated by new DNA evidence.

Plagued by this development, David decides to try to solve the decades-old murders. He teams up with Vito Martinelli, the same detective who investigated the original case.

Not willing to let sleeping dogs lie, David puts himself and his loved ones in mortal danger from the wrath of the true killer and his allies.

The truth could set you free…or it could kill you…