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The Killer Next Door: A Psychological Suspense Thriller

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From John A. Russo, the co-author of NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD, a suspense thriller that will leave you on the edge of your seat, guessing until the last page!

Eighteen-year-old Clifford Chandler idolizes next-door neighbor Pete Bishop and thinks the older boy is his best friend. But Pete seems to somehow be involved in a string of murders that Clifford’s estranged father, Detective Cliff Chandler, has been trying to solve

Also mixed up in the murders is Clifford’s other next-door neighbor, the beautiful singer Crystal Burkett.

Which next-door neighbor is the serial killer?

The answer becomes even more complicated and elusive when Crystal’s husband Johnny, who’s twenty years her senior and an incorrigible philanderer, is murdered along with his mistress.

Just as Clifford starts to figure things out, he finds himself falling for his first real girlfriend, a classmate of his who’s a budding ballerina–and the perfect target for the deranged murderer…

Suspecting that they know more than they actually do, the killer comes after them and the suspense reaches a fever pitch as we wonder who will live and who will die.