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The Killer and the Movie Star: A Novel of Suspense (David Cristi and Vito Martinelli Mysteries Book #2)

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John A. Russo, co-creator of the cult classic Night of the Living Dead, spins an unforgettable horror suspense tale in the second installment of the David Cristi and Vito Martinelli Mysteries.

Superstar Bonny Clanton, with her five Grammys and four major movies, believes she’s invulnerable to the senseless violence of the city streets. But when she befriends Frank Bonner, a Special Forces sergeant reminiscent of her deceased brother, she unknowingly places herself in grave danger.

Frank, an apparently ordinary all-American man, holds a dark secret—he’s already taken two lives, and his true identity remains a mystery. And since Bonny is unaware that she’s in the company of a serial killer, it’s only a matter of time before he turns on her.

Can Detective Vito Martinelli and his occasional partner, David Cristi, follow the clues and solve one of their biggest cases to date?

As the horrifying truth unfolds, renowned horror writer John Russo takes readers on a twisted journey, leading to a shocking and unpredictable ending as lines blur between fame and terror in a captivating thriller filled with deception and gripping suspense.