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Recession Proof

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Frankie Finnigan and Mortimer Binks are two uneducated factory workers who lose their jobs and don't have much hope of finding more work. They decide to take matters into their own hands and take up a life of crime. Unfortunately, for the most part, they don't have a clue what they're doing. To make matters worse, they unknowingly move into an apartment building that is occupied by their former boss, Mr. Selttar, who used the recession to fraudulently close the plant.

To complicate matters, Frankie falls in love with Amanda, the company's snobby accountant who thinks he has become a businessman. She decides to give him a chance as she only dates affluent men and has no idea that he's a criminal and hasn't even completed high school. Once the boys suspect their boss of fraud, and he suspects them of being criminals, they are on a crash course that will ultimately end up with someone going to jail.