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Dead Lives Matter: A Zombie Thriller

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From the co-author of Night of the Living Dead comes a brand new tale breaking out of the ground at Evans City Cemetery, the place where it all began!

When a biker gangbanger and his sparkplug girlfriend bury stolen loot in the Evans City Cemetery, they’re confronted by a pack of newly arisen zombies, beginning an entirely new and unique story set in the domain of the flesh eaters we have come to know–and love to hate.

A cast of unique characters, all interrelated but battling this latest zombie outbreak in differing venues and under various threatening circumstances, soon discover that their fates are perilously and inextricably entwined.

Roger Dowman, a serial killer put to death, is the first dead to rise, intent on consuming those who dug his grave.

Detective Andrew Brown, whose daughter Judith was murdered by Dowman, is a grief-stricken shell of his former self, but he must endeavor to defeat the new zombie plague.

Detective Sgt. Lucille Stafford is secretly in love with Andy Brown–a love that is thus far unrequited.s

A priest and a nun–whose small church is surrounded by flesh-hungry zombies–struggle to protect the children under their care.