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Character Witness

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A shared cubicle in a strip-mall law office wasn't the kind of career Kathleen Cotter dreamed of, but all that changes when her uncle, legendary criminal defense attorney Gerry O'Doul, invites her to join his Beverly Hills firm.

But O'Doul is old, his offices are on the wrong end of 90210, and his glory days are over. Just when it looks like another dead end for Kathleen, a new client walks through the door with a simple request: prove her upstanding ex-husband didn't kill himself so she can get his insurance money.

Promising Jerry O'Doul to see this one case through Kathleen finds herself drawn into a web of lies, corruption, scandal, and murder. To save her own life Kathleen Cotter can sell out or take on the powers that be. Either way, she'll find that on the right side of Beverly Hills life is cheap and character is a four-letter word.

“A riveting legal whodunit…”USA Today